WoDG Postcard

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The Best Way to Get Started

Author: Frank Lee
Date: 2015-10-24 12:21:33

Intrigued by what Gotham offers, but not sure if it's the right fit? Are you new to Classic World of Darkness? Are you new to role playing? Do you want a way to get to know the community before putting a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into a detailed character submission?

Well dip a toe in the water and try a mortal before taking the big plunge!

Mortals are good for new players to the community as they are perfect for casual play. You can often get them sanctioned in a day or two, sometimes even a few hours

The Mortal venue in World of Darkness Gotham, gives incoming community members the opportunity to try WoDG out with a minimal time investment.

Veteran RPers can gauge whether or not WoDG is a place for them to invest in a heavier role with a supernatural character. Plus, it's a perfect place for players looking to participate in our Mage venue to establish themselves within the community quickly and get that sought after invite into one of the most challenging and rewarding RPGs ever written.

For people new to Classic World of Darkness or even RPGs entirely, playing a mortal is easy because there's no supernatural component to their characters that would require lengthy research and knowledge of the game universe. You can get in the game and not have to worry about guarding jealously well protected supernatural secrets. All you need to know is your character and that's it.

While role playing a mortal, veterans and new role players can get a feel for the Classic World of Darkness as we see it and get to know our community and the tools we use to manage the game. They can familiarize themselves with the dice roller, the character dossier, and ticket system.

Then, after getting your feet wet, you can decide when you're ready to take the plunge into the depths of the supernatural with another character.

However, just because you are creating a supernatural, it doesn't mean you have to ditch your mortal character. Players can play more than one character in World of Darkness Gotham. We put a lot of love into our Mortal venue so you may want to continue role playing your mortal character along side another character, or you may find it's the venue for you and you can role play your mortal exclusively. Either way, you can continue to enjoy collaborating as one of the most often underestimated and powerful forces in the game.

Nobody is required to start as a mortal, and there are some rules about changing venues. With that being said, spending a couple months getting to know the community and how the game tools work can really help you when it comes time to create additional characters in other venues. 

The Team highly recommends giving this a shot, and knows from experience that it is the most effective way to join a new troupe fast. Get your feet wet before diving into the deep end.

Follow the Quickstart carefully and read the instructions. That will link you to all the pages in the wiki you will need to quickly and painlessly get a Sanctioned Mortal in the game fast.

Enjoy the mystery, the discovery, and the newness of it all.

We hope to hear from you soon!