WoDG Postcard

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Fall Moot Starts Today!

Author: Thing 1
Date: 2015-09-28 11:05:05

It was approaching October and although the official start of Fall was several days ago...Gaia failed to get the memo. The weather had been unseasonably warm...the trees were still clinging to their leaves..the water from the small stream running from the Heart of the Caern still gushed as if it were Spring....the little critters that inhabited the park had not settled in for the winter...and so Soup kept the cabana loungers and chairs out a little longer...figuring maybe with the coming of October things may cool off.

Cooling off...ha! That was likely not to happen....there was a white pelted stranger among them....

We just kicked off our mega moot thread for the Fall quarter of 2015 over our IC forums.

It's not too late to participate! Only players with sanctioned Garou can get in on the action so channel your inner wolf and get a character submitted for WtA today. 

Check out the WtA New Player Quick Start and get crackin' dat bone!