WoDG Postcard

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New to Online Role Playing?

Author: Frank Lee
Date: 2015-09-25 13:32:34

Hey there, welcome to Gotham.

Are you new to this kind of thing?  I mean role-playing, or doing it online, or maybe just doing it in a moderated environment.  It can be intimidating and exciting all at once.  Don't worry about it - we were all new at some point.  

Don't be afraid to jump in head first, but if you want to take some time to brush up and get comfortable with things before you do - this is the place to do it!

Let's start with a few general tips that everyone should know, and then get to the more specific stuff.  Just read the questions and follow the links as you see fit.  The entire wiki is filled with great stuff so don't be afraid to get lost in there for a while.

  • If you are totally on board and just looking to get into the process quickly, the best and only way is through the New Player Quickstart.  Just read through it carefully and follow the appropriate links.

  • The 'Poke a ST' Forum is 100% private, only STs can see it.  If you want to discuss your character ideas or ask specific questions, this is where to go!  The truth is, most the ST team prefers that you bounce around ideas here before you commit to completing the character dossier.  Feel free to use this forum liberally before you get your first character sanctioned.

  • The 'General Discussion' Forum is open to all players, and is a good place to say hi and ask non-character specific questions.  (No IC information should go here!!)

  • DO NOT SHARE IC CHARACTER INFORMATION IN ANY OOC WAY!  The mystery, suspense, and eventual surprise are too valuable to give away so quickly!

Have you ever role-played before at all?
No: Role-Playing
Yes: Mood and Theme

Are you familiar with the Classic World of Darkness 'storyteller' system?
No: Edition and Metaplot
Yes: House Rules

Have you Role-Played online before?
No: Chat Rooms
Yes: Gotham

Are you new to a moderated RP environment?
No: Keeping it Real
Yes: Etiquette

If you have any questions that don't fit nicely into these categories, hit the forums and ask away.  We'd love to help you feel more welcome and hit the ground running.

In the end, everyone should find themselves at the Quick Start, because it will guide you through every step of creation and sanctioning.