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VtM 4th Announced!

Author: Thing 1
Date: 2015-09-01 12:34:34

Onyx Path Publishing announced early in August the development of Vampire: The Masquerade 4th Edition at Gen Con.

Speculation about the development of 4th Edition had been rippling through the community even as it was a surprise as 20th Anniversary editions haven't all been released. The ink on M20, for example, hasn't even been dried and it's been rendered obsolete in one fell swoop.

OP explained that 20th was designed more as a compilation from previous editions, rather than a new edition. A point that made sense given the obvious lackluster copy and paste jobs that were found throughout V20 and W20. Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary edition was especially disappointing.

Some features of 4th Edition include an update to the metaplot reworking of dated splat, and the standard updates to game play mechanics one would expect from a new edition.
While not particularly excited about being force-fed yet another convoluted metaplot (which we will likely ignore yet again), the World of Darkness: Gotham team was interested to see what improvements would be made to the engine and what new ideas the game designers would interject into the core concepts and splat.

The World of Darkness: Gotham team released this statement:

"While we work with our players to create new and fresh gadgets and goodies, some of the books are painfully dated. For example, the technology in futuristic devices of technomagi and Glass Walkers look and feel quaint when compared to today's technology. We've never relied on the game designer for content and we've been quite comfortable making sensible alterations to the dated mechanics. We can only hope that the new edition takes some points from nWoD and starts backpedaling on the metaplot so that it's not as invasive and gives Storytellers more creative freedom.

So while we don't need the game designer to give us an update, we know that not everyone out there has that same familiarity with the game line. We can see where a new edition is needed and would be a benefit to the wider cWoD community and ultimately to the continued relevance and marketability of the game line.

For these reasons we support the development of a 4th edition of Classic World of Darkness."

The creators of Classic World of Darkness have had a history of stuffing metaplots into their core rules books which is a departure from practices found in many other successful RPG franchises. These franchises leave metaplot out of rules books and limit such content to supplemental story materials so that GMs can be free to exercise their creativity without a lot of noise and interference from the game designers.

Despite the inclusion of the Golden Rule (a rule to encourage the acceptance of Storyteller creative freedom), the culture among the cWoD fan base has been inconsistent with respect to attitudes towards it's practice. In the community there are loud and often angry voices which are brazen in their hostility over any deviation from the metaplot and canon.

However, that metaplot ended with the destruction of the entire game line in 2004.