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Death to Captain Planet

Author: Thing 1
Date: 2014-09-27 21:56:42

From the very beginning of World of Darkness: Gotham, we have envisioned an updated version of the venue. Even before W20, we had purposefully steered our chronicle away from the standard fare found in so many web chats.

Perhaps more than any other, Werewolf is a venue replete with idiots who have every OP trait, fetish, totem, etc. down cold, but can't manage to RP basics like Rage, the Beast, their breed, Auspice, etc. to save their lives.

In fact, I'd have to say that 99% of the WtA players online are fucking terrible and focus on everything but RPing a werewolf.

It's quite common to see assholes grabbing onto this Captain Planet interpretation of the game and holding onto it for dear life. Of course, they wouldn't be anywhere with their cutsey anthro sidekicks who are usually Furies who had some boy poke them in their poo poo with their pee pee and after killing the offending perv, they set off on a life of dick stomping.

In fact, I'd say that most of the forum junkies in the community fall in this vein. Players that are actually interested in the horror venue, don't wave epeens in forums all over the place reciting rules while ditching basic concepts.

World of Darkness: Gotham has been criticized for being strict and totally off canon. We really never cared what some fuckwit thought of us bringing core themes of dualities to the forefront. To us the personal horror and struggles that Garou go through is a much more interesting and compelling exploration into story content than fighting whatever monster Wyrm Thingy of the Day. We've harped on the fact that these creatures are actually monsters no matter how noble the idiots want to make them out to be. We've focused on themes of fanaticism and inner turmoil among members of the Nation without having to be told by a book to do so only to be called every name under the sun by players in and out of our community.

Recently our staff came across this little snippet from the OP's release schedule. Due out in Summer of 2015 is an interesting little tid bit:

"WTA – Changing Ways: Explores the psychology of Garou as archetypal hunter and religious fanatic, the mindset of a character that wasn’t born among humans, and the strange and sometimes disturbing powers that our protagonists derive from the spirit world. 160 pages. PDF/PoD"

Source: OP Schedule

So I have one word to say to the fucked up entitled forum darlings plaguing the community with their babble and shitty RP.


To players in and out of World of Darkness: Gotham that actually recognize that their fucked up Captain Planet bullshit sucks I say this....

Do us all a favour and try to learn to RP and dig deeper into your character. Take an acting class, practice, or do something to not be fucking terrible because RPing with or STing terrible players that have paper cutouts for characters sucks and is as dull as dishwater.