WoDG Postcard

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New Chat Client Coming in February!

Author: Thing 1
Date: 2014-01-28 15:55:31

World of Darkness: Gotham has always looked forward and maintained a high standard of role play and features for our online RPG Classic World of Darkness webchat community.

We have decided to switch our chat client out in favour of software that is more modern and modifiable to suit our ongoing needs.

The new chat will be feature rich including enhanced mobile capabilities so that it will be more friendly to tablets and phones. We have more control over the back end so we can code more enhancements into it that are specific to our Classic World of Darkness RPG community.

After the initial release, we will be hard at work adding capabilities to the chat as well as moving on to more exciting site wide changes in preparation for the release of more Classic World of Darkness 20th Anniversary Edition materials by White Wolf and Onyx Path.