WoDG Postcard

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Policy Update: Earn Phat Loot!

Author: Thing 1
Date: 2013-10-17 20:44:26

WoDG has a major announcement with respect to a long standing policy of ours regarding IC rewards.

To get right to the point, the chat thrives on player participation and we want to reward that participation and encourage its continuation.

Players that are active and going after their characters’ IC goals, risking their characters, adding to the drama and IC conflicts, enhancing stories, playing smart, and generally playing their hearts out now have a chance to earn extra rewards beyond the flat EXP given to everyone monthly.

These earned rewards can come in a number of forms like:

  • Extra EXP
  • Status
  • Minor Positions
  • Items
  • Custom Traits
  • Access to rare Gifts, Disciplines, Lore, etc.
  • Unlocking of Traits above 4

These are but a few rewards players can earn.

This is a major departure from past policy and while this is all new and exciting, we want to assure the player base that the staff still is mindful of the original reasons for not embarking on a policy like this at the outset of the Chronicle.

We were concerned and still are concerned with the perception of ST favouritism and fair access for all to rewards no matter their timezone.

We feel that we can address these concerns because the team is small enough where we know what is going on on a day to day basis within the game and no reward will be doled out without admin approval.

With our ticket system and consistent admin log review, we should be able to track player activity even when we are not present in the chat to make sure that all players, regardless of where their meat is located on the planet, have the same opportunities.

So with that, we open the flood gates, and it’s up to you as players to go for it.