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Triple Murder Shocks Queens!

Author: Elizabeth Hart
Column: No Column
Date: 2013-08-18 16:47:55

Corona, Queens - Police arrived at a working class home to find the site of a triple homicide. Early this morning, neighbors woke up to the screams of a young unidentified woman calling for help. 
"She was covered in blood and hysterical. So my wife called 911," Jorge Morales a local plumber leaving for his commute reported.
Initial reports confirm that there were three victims found in the house. Their names have been released as Cyrus Webb, a local business owner 28, Angel Burke a former nurse 25, and Khalisah Imani Al-Saud a former student 22. 
Further details will be released pending police investigation, a police spokesperson said. A news conference is to be expected sometime this week.