WoDG Postcard

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The Most Successful Predator On Earth

Author: Duzzakazol
Date: 2012-08-22 16:16:31

The Most Successful Predator On Earth - 7 Billion Cannot Be Wrong.

Have *YOU* ever wanted to be able to take a suntan without worrying about bursting into flames? Or seeing a dentist without worrying that he'll call disease control.

What about handling that family silver without worrying about your hands rotting off? What about your anger management issues?

Ever wanted to just be able to just *DO* stuff and not have to worry about this weird reality kicking your butt?


Well - you should. Join the human race. The most successful predator on earth.

Remember the burning times? When all manner of things learned just what it meant to be outnumbered to a degree of several 100,000 to 1? Well - think about it *NOW*, when there's so many MORE of us.

Oh, SURE, we put some of our own to the fire. But hey, when there's so damn many of us, what's the harm in toasting one or two hundred or thousand innocent bystanders as long as we can get them nasty beasties? After all, we *CAN* afford such attrition. They can't. That's because we rule.

Our lives are diverse. From charting the accountant-sea, to being politicians that rule the world (and can destroy it at the press of a button) to that homeless guy in a string vest that you ignore on the way to work.

That's us - humans.

Wasn't it some clever human who said that 'he who can destroy a thing, controls that thing'? That's right - Frank Herbert. Well - guess what. We can destroy the whole earth. Thus, we control it!

Join the human race.

Seven billion predators can't be wrong.

Mortal: the Riven -- either a 'soft' introduction into the World of Darkness, starting with home territory (a normal human, with a normal job), or just someone wanting to explore unusual avenues. MtR can slake various appetites, and being a mortal is cool. No hangups about powers backfiring, any concerns about death at exposing your secret club to the great wide world. Of course, there's the minor snag that there *ARE* things out there that'll try to prey on you (in the literal as well as the figurative sense), but so what?

There's 7 billion and more of you - what's the worst that they could do? Furthermore, humans are *COOL* - as such, mortals are the only ones who can have access to such rare things as a job in law-enforcement, media, and other influential positions. Kick the creepy crawlies' ass ... well, assuming you find out about them.

Or just ... try to survive.