WoDG Postcard

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Freestyle Across Gotham!

Author: Thing 1
Date: 2012-08-08 15:55:13

Before the glass and steel spires casting their monolithic shadows over the asphalt streets are the Garou. Armed with only their fangs, claws, and their fervent belief in Gaia these proud and majestic creatures fight a losing battle against agents of the…

Whoa! Hold up there! Fuck that noise! Who the fuck got David Attenborough to narrate this shit?

*rap break beat fades in* Yo baby! This is the street! Bringing it to you urban style. You know what I’m sayin’?

These fuckers got the shit all twisted
Now how would you know, brothah? You ain’t ever been to tha city and yet ya dissed it.
Here I am givin’ it to ya straight.
It doesn’t take a genius to see that all they got is doom and hate.
Yeah that’s right you silvery bastard in the box seats, I’m talking about you.
What kind of a Garou are you that you gotta fuck your sister too.
Insane in the brain, dogging me and my kin.
You’re a pain, in my ass. Yes. It’s a sin.
Suck my dick, bitch. You can’t win.
So Ho. You better let go.
There ain’t no dog here that’s gonna bend at the knee.
You call this the scab, but what it is you don’t see.
This here city is still a piece of tha mother.
That’s why we protect it when you stupid asses don’t even bother.
It’s a place of wonder. Yeah she’s full of apes, but that’s ok cuz we love her.
We know the spirits and the two-legs too so go on and sit back while we undo.
The shit that pains ya.
It’s ok brothah we ain’t here to shank ya.
But it wouldn’t hurt to now and then to get a thank ya.
See over the years while you’ve sat back wearing your tarnished crown
And while yer grindin’ on yer inbred kin,
We’ve been battling steadily and gaining ground
Yo dawg! We even managed gave you the National Park Sys-tem.
Shit. My man Ace! Alone worked his ass off to protect over 3 million square km of space.
I promise you that that’s more than any of you or your ancestors to date.
So you whine urrah this and urrah that.
Son, don’t make me come up there and school ya with some more facts.
25 is the number that we’re most proud of.
It’s the percentage of parks, squares, reserves, and wild spaces that the city is made of.
No one’s got that cept the hippies out on the Bay.
We’re the only metropolitan center to emphasize so strongly the way.
The way of the mother. That’s right it’s in the apes.
You don’t believe me? Look at all the strides to date.
Our sister Majorah in the South Bronx.
The little girl brought hope and life, cleansing the blight in a place no one thought of.
Now the whole city is craving more and we gotta…
Give it a chance.
Shit dog, don’t you see? We got the whole city rising up to dance
Dance to our tune, fool. That’s what we’re saying.
8 million souls behind us! Dawg, it should be clear to you now that we ain’t playin’!
So excuse us while we snicker.
Bitch, we’re not into whining about the end times,
We got fighting to do instead of sitting around eager to snarl and bicker.
So you think we’re gonna let you tell us how it is in our crib?
Bitch please don’t make me laugh, last of you silver fucks come on down here practically needed a bib.
So bring it, dog. But you better come to battle.
We ain’t groveling we’re gonna ride you like you’re bitches with a saddle.
One last word up to my brothahs. One last word up to my sistahs.
This is our Golden Age. Be proud, strong, and fuck anyone up royally who would diss yas!

Werewolf: The Apocalypse Revisited

In World of Darkness: Gotham, the setting of Werewolf: The Apocalypse has been updated and revised to reflect more of today’s social issues in today’s New York City. Players are thrust in the role of urrah who are for the first time reaping the rewards of their carefully cultivated relationship with the city, its spirits, and its citizens. They are at their best as Bone Gnawers are the most populous tribe in the Nation and their Glass Walker allies are not far behind them, affecting change through some of the most powerful corporations, NGOs, and governmental agencies in the world.

The Wyrm buries deeply in the hearts of their rivals as jealousy and bitterness runs rampant among them each time those that they consider inferior score another victory.

Still some among the rural tribes venture into the place which they call “scab”. Some seek the wisdom of the urrah, others are on a personal pilgrimage, and still others have less altruistic motives in mind. Whatever the case, all these rural Garou learn quickly the profound price to be paid for being counted among the urrah, yet not counted as one of them.

This is a personal story about the Nation. It is not about what flavor of the week Wyrm thing a pack can bring down. Characters will be faced with complex political, cultural, and social issues facing the Nation as it struggles to find its foothold in the face of sweeping social changes among the apes and among themselves.

Welcome to New York City. To begin your journey start by going to our Werewolf: The Apocalypse New Player Quick Start.