WoDG Postcard

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WoDG Chat Launch Update!

Author: Thing 1
Date: 2011-11-26 18:30:46

As we're nearing the date of the chat's launch, it's time we update the community as to what is going on behind the scenes and what to expect...

Storyteller Team Update

Right now the ST team is finishing up their respective ST portals which detail their NPCs, settings, SLs, etc.; Basically our behind the scenes world building chores.

Unfortunately as we were busy doing that, we've had a last minute change to our line-up. Iocaine has had to bow out due to personal reasons and IRL demands. This has jammed us up at the last minute as we HSTs have to cover the WtA write ups in addition to our own venues. This means that we're spread extremely thin atm as we try to squeeze WtA in for opening. We're not sure if we'll be opening the venue along with the others. To be on the safe side we want to prepare you for a likely delay for WtA of about a week.

Dude will likely substitute ST in WtA until we find a permanent staff member for the venue and will float between WtA and MtA as needed.

STs Still Needed

We definitely want to take this opportunity as a team to reach out to the community and highlight the fact that we would like to see a few ST applications in the hopper. If you have any interest and experience in STing and have time to manage one game session a week and the sheet work for a group of 3-10 players, please consider STing in WoDG. If you're a World Builder, have knowledge of more than one venue, and can work as part of a team, consider the HST position in WtA.

Technical Update

As for the technical bits...SF has really busted ass to get things done. We've got the chat client purchased and configured, a dice roller, the initial ticket system, character sheets, etc. All SF really needs to do at this point is to hook everything up to links accessible to the community, issue documentation text, and to do some final tests to make sure everything is running smoothly - basic finishing touches stuff.

We anticipate hooking everything up to public links on the 30th and opening up sanctioning and preludes by the 1st.

Sanctioning and Launch

We'll give it a few days to start getting people all legit and then start with the first official sessions likely a week later...just to give everyone time to get our first batch of sanctioned characters all set up and ready to rock n roll.

Keep your eye on the Events Calendar for game sessions and the venue forums for other notifications from your STs since we'll be scheduling sessions on the fly until we get more STs and form some solid chunks.

Thanks all for your support and cooperation through this process.