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Chat Launch Update - Delay Expected

Author: Thing 1
Date: 2011-10-10 12:55:17

Launch Assessment
As you guys know, we were a little late getting the Character Sheets out to the community due to some technical difficulties. This has cut into Schadenfreude's development time by a lot. Although the delay was only five days, it pushed back his ability to meet a critical milestone on October 20th. That is when he begins school and so he was hoping to have a majority of the ticket system in place by then. After careful assessment, we realized that that five day delay made it impossible to have everything ready by the 20th. So he's going to have to make that up while school is in session and that means that his development time is going to be cut back.

Rather than being able to spend 8 hours a day or more on code, he'll be spending about half that and that means that he'll need an extension that goes well into November.

With testing and chat client integration also on the agenda, we're looking at an end of November launch at the earliest.

We understand how much players were looking forward to the November 1st opening (and so was I quite frankly), but there's really nothing we can do about it and we feel it's best to be open with the community and share the news with you promptly.

ST Team Update
Now all is not doom and gloom....

The added time really helps the ST team out and here's why and here's what we're doing so you know that we're all moving forward and not just sitting on our asses....

We just got all the HSTs in place and each one of us is hard at work fleshing out the foundations which I created to form the chronicle at large. The added time allows us to not be rushed and do everything right the first time.

All the HSTs we were lucky enough to get on staff are passionate about the project and we are all busy bees detailing our respective venues. We are fleshing out histories, themes, chronicle plot lines, individual opening SLs, settings, and NPCs. This way we can be confident that we'll give you a setting that makes sense and works together so that when you get embroiled in storylines they all interrelate and finally your characters will be in a game where they can have an impact on the setting at large!

So there's a lot of work going on in the ST part of the wiki.....wish you could see it...but yanno....no looking behind the ST screen as it were.

Still Taking ST Apps
Also, we're actively recruiting and interviewing additional candidates for ST and Narrator positions. I'm excited about this because we should be getting our first STs within the next week or so who will then be able to offer formal chunk proposals to the community.

If you like to ST and you think you can handle one session a week, give us a holler.

Sanctioning and Preludes

Now as soon as the HSTs are comfy with their venues, we'll start the sanctioning process. This will include delivering preludes to players who have asked for them. That will allow us to get info to you guys early on and we can work together to flesh out your character's place in the setting. Then you'll be free to have fun with your portals and really be set up well when the chat goes live. We'll likely do this over skype or I'll shove on an early version of the chat client so that we can get preludes completed and we don't end up with a bottleneck at opening.

I'll warn you all to get your character concept proposals up and reviewed then get your sheets in early so when prelude scheduling starts, you're not stuck at the back of the line and still waiting when the chat opens up. If you finish early, no biggie...you can set up your profiles and wiki pages.

So all in all there will be plenty of stuff for players and STs to do while technical works its magic.

Thanks all for your cooperation and support as we work steadily to deliver an excellent game to the community.