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HST Team Complete! Seeking Borg for the Collective

Author: Thing 1
Date: 2011-10-10 00:26:14

New York, NY --- After a final interview and audition the WoDG team has found its last but not least venue HST today.

Iocaine accepted the offer to join the team as HST for Werewolf: the Apocalypse, capping off a line-up of experienced Head Storytellers who support a vision of the Classic World of Darkness focused on delivering engaging and unpredictable storylines that keep players challenged and on edge. The team intends to do this in a number of ways...

As the chat is just beginning and even the publisher is backing off of the events at the end of the game-line as they launch their 20th Anniversary editions, WoDG doesn't focus on the Time of Judgment. This frees up the team to explore the Classic World of Darkness with today's issues in mind instead of being stuck in a constant vacuum perpetually repeating tired themes from 2004.

Further, the game does not rely on established splat books and supplements so players can enjoy a fresh approach without constantly fearing having to deal with other community members who fall back on the crutch of the meta-plot so that they can twink their way through the chronicle.

Freed from the shackles of the by Night and Rage Across books, STs are able to explore little traversed grey areas in all venues. This gives players a chance to reach with their characters and find new ways to enjoy an old and dear favorite RPG that is the Classic World of Darkness.

Leadership is now interviewing supporting team members as STs are sought to join the staff in realizing the vision of a more sensible approach to online RPG delivery.

STs can expect to enjoy a supportive environment where they have a clear obligation that fits with their availability. They won't be pressured to take on more than they can and because of the unique focus on parceling out the player base into manageable troupes, Storytellers won't be strong-armed into babysitting the chat 24/7.

They will also enjoy a knowledgeable admin team that provides them with the reporting tools they need to manage their troupes effectively and with few administrative headaches. This frees STs up to focus on creativity rather than having to deal with haphazard methods to complete necessary sheet-work.

If you like to ST, but your idea of a good game isn't role playing pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows with every World of Darkness supplement in hand...

You're encouraged to Register with World of Darkness: Gotham and fill out a ST Application.

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