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Now Taking Character Sheet Submissions!

Author: Thing 1
Date: 2011-10-01 04:26:35

New York, NY -- World of Darkness: Gotham has released Character Sheet forms for all cWoD venues today. Players can start submitting their Classic World of Darkness Characters and get an early glimpse of v 0.5 of the Character Dossier System.

WoDG’s Technical Team members have been hard at work developing a robust and comprehensive Character Creation and Character Management system for the RPG that can be utilized by both players and Storytellers to maximize efficiency and leave more time for playing and less time going back and forth over tedious administrative issues.

As it stands, players can submit their Character Sheets and view their role play characters and get a sense of the system navigation in this early version. Coming Character Sheet features will include attaching NPCs and player and Storyteller edit views.

The Character Dossier framework and navigation is complete and ready for the custom made ticketing system which will make submitting requests to Storytellers easy and intuitive for players. Early versions are scheduled to include EXP requests, Blue Books, EQ requests, Rote submissions, Wonder submissions, Fetish submissions, and Downtime requests.  The system has a modular design so it’s completely expandable to fit whatever needs the community has. That means those initial plans are just the beginning!

Schadenfreude, WoDG’s Lead Programmer had this to say when asked about the release, “I hope the community likes what we have made. I’m happy with the outcome thus far and I’m confident that the 0.5 release will show our players what future additions might have in store for them. It’s been a challenge as we are building a complete system that provides tools and solutions for players so they can concentrate on playing and Storytellers are freed up to concentrate on Storytelling.”

To get started on your role play character for World of Darkness: Gotham:
  1. Register with WoDG
  2. Check out the Character Creation Guidelines:
  3. Submit a Confidential Character Concept Proposal on our Forums to Your Storyteller.
  4. Then Create a Character