WoDG Postcard

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Players’ Portal Unveiled

Author: Thing 1
Date: 2011-09-24 14:51:41

As part of their commitment to bring the World of Darkness role playing community the very best in custom RPG tools, the WoDG Technical Team has recently unveiled an exciting feature that community members are sure to love.

The Players’ Portal is a whole section of the wiki set aside for players to build into their very own set of articles highlighting just about anything in WoDG that is important to them and their characters. In the Players’ Portal, players are in control of the content and can build pages for their characters and their characters’ associates. Players can create whole sections of the Players’ Portal for their coteries, packs, cabals, and associations. They can describe their residences, favorite chat room settings, open up places of business and detail their settings while taking advantage of all the robust tools that the World of Darkness: Gotham Wiki makes available to the community. Players can even use Google Street Views and Google Maps in their pages so that they can fully integrate their characters’ holdings into the setting.

The Players’ Portal is flexible too. It accommodates role players and their characters from a wide variety of backgrounds. For example, role playing groups that need secret pages for only their members can still use the Players’ Portal without fear of leaks to the rest of the campaign. So it can be used to store information, journal group adventures, share maps and props, and just about anything else role players in the chat might need to enhance their experience and share information with their fellows. This way everyone in World of Darkness: Gotham can get the very most out of the Players’ Portal.

Register your role playing account with World of Darkness: Gotham and start laying claim to your little slice of the chronicle by building your Players’ Portal pages today.