WoDG Postcard

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WoDG Returns to Celebrate 20 Years of oWoD!

Author: Thing 1
Date: 2011-08-22 09:52:54

What better way to celebrate 20 years since the creation of the old World of Darkness than to revamp and reopen an original old World of Darkness Chronicle?

That’s right, after a nice run ending earlier in the decade, World of Darkness: Gotham has reinvented itself with an updated campaign and a robust new chat client. This new effort was inspired by and is a tribute to the 20th Anniversary Edition of Vampire: The Masquerade.

The Story
Some old favorite characters are still about and up to their wicked antics while a host of new personalities inhabit the setting and contend with player characters.

The Chronicle has been updated to reflect the trends and issues of today. What happens in a post-Benito Giuliani New York City? How does the trend of gentrification impact the supernatural communities? What does a Green New York City mean for the Garou and the larger picture? And more importantly, who is behind it all?

Yes, there are movers and shakers behind the scenes shaking things up. Personalities are plotting and scheming in their unending games and fighting for dominance in a city that influences the entire world. Players will be thrust in this charged atmosphere and put to the test.

The Technology
WoDG was originally launched and played over AOL chat for the AOL community back in 2001. Well it has been updated in major ways since then.

Now they’re developing tools that automate a lot of the character sanctioning process so that storytellers find sanctioning quick and easy and players can get in game fast.

Plus there are two great resource centers under development. The Character Dossier is a center for players to manage everything to do with their character and track its development.  This area is designed to make sheet work easy on both storytellers and players so that everyone can spend less time dealing with sheets and more time playing. The resource center for storytellers is designed to give storytellers a quick at-a-glance task management tool so that they can take care of all their venue management needs.

Also, there is a wiki busting with information and tools for both players and STs to leverage to make the most out of their experience. Widgets for Google Maps and Google Street Views make it easy to relay setting information and get on with the RP.

Finally a sweet internet chat application that you can take with you while you’re on the go will be provided. It comes complete with compatibility on most smart phones and integrates with your site user account so you don