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Loomis protests an unfair witch hunt

Author: Drisella Woolford
Column: The Emerald Spyglass
Date: 2017-02-21 12:43:48

Gregory Loomis (32) has returned to New York with a lack of a deserving fan fair last week after winning the Australian Open. A victory turned sour by the yet to be proven claims that Loomis has been benefiting from doping.

This would have been his 14th career title, and he has his eyes on the Wimbledon cup come July. Loomis has had a long career, going pro just out of high school, at age 18, and he has hopes that his long career hasn't come to an end by what he calls an 'unfair witch hunt'.

”You work hard, and train hard, and one day your life goes to hell because someone lies about you, and before you know it everyone's telling you you're the scum of the earth even though nothings been proven. It's like an unfair witch hunt”

Loomis denies the allegations of doping against him and feels that the strong media interest has damaged his reputation. He also adds that he has been complying with all of the ITF's requests as he has nothing to hide.

”This has been incredibly stressful, and I can't wait for it all to go away. I've seen so many people tweet hate at me since it happened, I've had to delete my twitter account, it was so bad.”

Angry fans have been taking to the social media platform to show their anger at allegations against Loomis:

“@Gloomis you CHEATER! Your a complete DISGRACE! I hope you get what you deserve”

“I can't believe @Gloomis, WTF man!? You were a true American LEGEND. Go die, you cheating ****.”

But not all of Loomis's fans have reacted so negatively.

“I believe in you @Gloomis! I'm sure you'll come out of this on top, you always do! ;) “

“You're a star @Gloomis, I don't care what they're saying. I've seen you play. You're 100% natural!”

Results for tests can take several months to be verified, and Loomis feels like this weight will be hanging around his neck for the remainder of the year. But he has high hopes that it'll be cleared up in time for summer, as he is determined to beat Andy Murray at this years Wimbledon.

Until then Loomis will resume training within a few weeks, he hopes to take a week out to Hawaii with his wife of two years, Amanda Loomis (28), once the allegations have been cleared.